2013 - RARA | Um discurso ingénuo e utópico 

Residência artística em Devir Capa (Faro)

Apresentação em Balleteatro (Porto)

This performance gives continuity to the solo work that I have been developing since 2006 and which has been focusing almost always on a work on and from the body, in projects of formally transdisciplinary and conceptually (auto) references and (auto) biographical. In this new work, my relationship (personal and social) with everyday life, in conjunction with the transversal study that I have accomplished (through the dance and performance) around various socio-cultural dimensions of the world surrounding me (and which directly affect me, for example the Pop culture) will remain as a structuring base and as a starting point. Conceptual and methodologically, however, I intend to introduce a new element: the "Voice" (and, concomitantly, the "word") while supporting, but also as an idea and speech. I intend to take on this new element as a primordial communicating device of performance, but also as formalization (metaphorical, allegorical, perhaps stand) of the reflection I do about the positioning of my body (at the same time private/personal, Collective/social) in this world that surrounds me. A performance made of words, made of puns, style figures, pop songs lyrics and manifests stolen to street art. I will give a body to a voice that insists on survival, which denies bankruptcy, and that provides a solution, politically naive, artistically utopian. From the historical friction caused by the crossing between the symptoms of the current pop culture mass (Nicki Minaj) and the inheritance of the "Pop Art" Warholiana (Velvet Underground), I propose to create a solo made of anagrams (Nico/Icon), Anacronias, interruptions and withdrawals, thefts undertaken and discreet re-interpretation of contemporary classics. An intimate performance with viral potential. A presentation (DES) masquerading as my aesthetic whims, or a fetichização of "handmade/Do it Yourself" applied to the performance: songs composed on my computer, tailored clothes in my own living room, copied movements from tutorials on Youtube. RARA will ultimately be a work on the place of personal/custom speech in contemporary society, at the same time on and through the creation and dissemination of information, netting, or without it. An attempt to virtualize the theatrical space (stage) towards this intangibility of "online". A naive performance, because particularly (as it is said for the first time), and utopian, for aspiring to this unattainable space (because non-existent): universal.

With love: Rogério Nuno Costa, José Capela, Joana Castro, Micaela Maia, Rui Marques, Tiago Oliveira, Carla Pereira, Né Barros, Isabel Barros

Photography by J M Castelo Branco 

Co-production: Balleteatro

Agenda- 17 de Janeiro 15h30 (Apresentação Informal), Balleteatro Auditório (Praça 9 de Abril, 76 4200-422 Porto), mais informação em www.balleteatro.pt;

-7 de Fevereiro de 2013, 22h em Estaleiro Cultural Velha-a-branca (Braga). Inserido na inauguração da exposição "Um outro mundo é possível - Visões utópicas e distópicas do mundo" Mais informações em ÓPRIMA;

- Dia 27 de Março de 2013 em 1ª Avenida (Avenida dos Aliado, Porto). Mais informações em Balleteatro e Primeira Avenida;

- Apresentação pública, 12 de Abril de 2013 às 21h30 em Balleteatro Auditório (Porto/Arca D`àgua). Mais informação em balleteatro.pt; 

- Dia 17 a 23 de Junho de 2013 - Residência artística em DeVIR - CAPa- De 9 a 14 de Setembro, Residência em AXA/1ºAvendia, piso 5 (Balleteatro). Apresentação dia 14 de Setembro 19h15, inserido na programação Optimus D'Bandada;

- Apresentação pública dia 27 de Outubro (Covilhã) em Festival ContraDança, mais informação em ContraDança ASTA;