Do projecto "Magma | No limite da selvajaria" resultam dois objectos autônomos, uma performance e um video arte. Ambos desenvolvidos em simultâneo, entre Junho de 2017 e Fevereiro de 2018.


 Magma | No limite da Selvajaria is a poem of sound, stage and choreography.

In this solo, I explore an imaginary that is based on vacuum and the non-possibility of relation, where violence and power collapse in to solitude and silence. A war without war, all by yourself. Violence destroying and building time, time losting his track.

A beeing-boll, multiple, a poetic representation for and with liberty. As it put by Maria Teresa Sadek "The ransom of the genuine revolutionary spirit, and therefore, from the intentional act of the foundation of liberty, is one of the proposed challenges(...) Maybe this is the only way to escape from terror, from the lost of public space. After all, the menace of violence and the imposition of silence is not a war exclusive distinctive feature".

Magma is built from absence, where objects (sound, stage and choreography) become present trough the analogies, interferences and connections established trough them; this way they all build an arch, a poetic narrative, a revolutionary act that carries in it the fears and paradoxes from existence.

To locate, to stand by and to design a map are the main objectivs to this expedition, this poem-solo, a lonely journey that is loaded with memories, metaphors, fear, silence, violence, courage, love, drop out and resistance. The ephemeral of the present time, the reformulation of contexts that allow us to live in a place, and a body, a stage. The darkness of the runway, the light within change, the unbreathable air that becomes a oxygen balloon, the desire to exist alway being present.

On stage (stage here, meaning a representative place or field derived from the failure of utopia), I'm the last son of dream and hope, a figure that is post big-brother, punk culture and anarchy.

The gesture (or dance) that gradually emerges is sick because of the violent and poisoned air breathed trough the urgente that is inherently connected to her.

Welcome to the nihilist war. Conscious. Primal. Relative to the darkest zone of technology. And trough the curse of war another fear awaits: that nature decides to give up and hand us over the - not so expected- catastrophe of the environment.

Creation and Performance by Flávio Rodrigues

Technical Design by Daniel Oliveira

Documentation by Telma João Santos (texts), Eva Ângelo (Video) and Susana Neves (Photography)

Support Útero/Miguel Moreira

Co-production: TNSJ

Associated structures 23 Milhas, Teatro de Ferro, Festival Contradança e Balleteatro

Video arte: Magma | No limite da Selvajaria (Prelúdio)