Do projeto "Inverno de 2011" ramificam dois objectos autônomos: uma peça e um video dança. A peça estreou no Festival da Fábrica (Porto) e o Filme no Festival Demolarea (Moldávia) 

A peça:

I began creating in 2006 and in the whole of my work, the autobiographical approach has been the common denominator: the material I bring into the studio springs essencially from issues related to my memory and identity. I have combined the exploitation in performance with other means of expression, such as video and photography, making the dance no longer particularly important, or present. In view of the frequent use of objects that are significant to me, the result of my work comes closer to performative installation.In 2010, as a sort of balance, I created the show "Tarde Demais Mariana 2006-2010", which consisted in recreating all the material I worked with during those five years. The end of a cycle? My most recent performance, "Inverno de 2011", appears as an attempt to break the previous trend of putting dance in the background. I was interested in the idea of developing a "performative object", where my body (dance) would be the main issue. In the first working sessions, I was motivated by a quote of the dancer and choreographer Martha Graham: "The body says what words can not". My intention was to test this statement in order to find clues for further development of my work. During improvisations I realized that I was constantly trying to control something that seemed uncontrollable to me, and therefore raised many issues and barriers. After a pause, I decided to confront the affirmation of Martha Graham again, eventually making it the central part of the piece: I would work on a territory where the poetics of dance would become the only solution, and the body would get the chance to say what words could not. The piece began to take shape. From the experimentation and exploration of movement, record, repetition and random, a narrative begins to emerge. It became clear to me that it would have to reflect precisely the memories I keep of my first experiences with dance! In this performance, as well as the author, I am the narrator and the subject. I select, interpret and archive data from my memory. I refer essentially to the motivations and ambitions I had when I began my training in ballet at twelve years old. "Inverno de 2011" records a time, a step: the rethinking or reinventing of my relationship with dance.

A performance by and with Flávio Rodrigues
Co-production: Festival da Fábrica/ IYME
Supports: Companhia Olga Roriz, CFContagiarte.
Thanks to: Renata Portas, Cláudia Santos, Carla Valquaresma, Victor Hugo Pontes & Joclecio Azevedo.

- 11 a 15 de Abril Residência artística em estúdios da Companhia Olga Roriz, Lisboa;
- 15 de Abril (18h00) apresentação informal em Estúdios da Companhia Olga Roriz, Lisboa. Mais Informação AQUI;
- Apresentação pública, 5 de Maio às 21h30 em Teatro Helena Sã e Costa inserido no Festival da Fábrica (Porto);
- 18 de Dezembro às 21h30, apresentação pública inserido na abertura do LUGAR INSTÁVEL (Edifício do Teatro de campo Alegre) (Companhia instável, Porto);

O filme: