2010 - Até ao Fim

Festival Epipiderme - Braço de Prata (Lisboa)

Performas (Aveiro) + Festival internacional de dança de Almada

Festival Imaginarius (Santa Maria da Feira)

Festival SET (ESMAE) (Porto)

In my previous work I recognise issues that will persist and accompany me when I start every new creative process. Somehow, the next succeeds the previous one, and it is in this context that emerges a problematization from indicting the conclusion of a play. When addressing this issue with distance, I inflict upon strategies to appoint the stage of the moment as a final.In cinema, we are overwhelmed sometimes by the way the last picture of a film carries the weight of all the narrative proceeding. This moment triggers an almost inevitable relationship on the viewer.Regardless of any cinematic composition, it falls me solely on works that gather in the last images the power to exceed and to firm that duration. Here, I concentrate my interest in this sensory revelation that accumulated is affirmed to all the work.The Until the end project proposes how to perform the stage of the moment that it is announced, based on a structure with the perception of an end. Under this context, I urge to question for a successive outcome at every choreographic moment. I subscribe and gradually make new closures to allow the part to develop in duration and extend in an uninterrupted, persistent, tragic and expressionist research to solve all the performative acts.Until the end is the source for a non-mean end, in fact, not to conceal the instant that was provided, through solutions and strategies.

A project by and with Flávio Rodrigues
Support in playwright: Micaela Maia
Photography and video: Tiago Oliveira
Production: Obra Madrasta and Contagiarte/ACARO 


- 7 a 14 de Fevereiro: Residência de criação e apresentação em Contagiarte (Porto, PT);

- 21 de Abril de 2010: Festival Epipiderme (Braço de Prata, Lisboa);

- 27 a 29 de Maio de 2010: Festival Imaginarius (Santa Maria da Feira);

- 5 a 11 de Julho de 2010: Festival SET (ESMAE) (Porto);

- 19 de Junho 22h00 de 2010: Estúdio Performas (AVEIRO);

- 18 de Setembro de 2010: Plataforma coreográfica Internacional 18ª Quinzena de Dança de Almada, Teatro Municipal da Guarda, sala Experimental;

- 08 a 11 de Setembro, apresentação do Video "WALL-Até ao fim / Until the end" em Festival de arte Femininista, Porto (Bar Labirinto);

- Festival Per-Formate (Terragona, ES);